'ello beauties!

This year for no real reason and despite absolutely nobody asking for it, I decided I would sit down and reflect on my year via this teeny-tiny space on the internet. At the very least setting this up has finally made use of the website space I own but never bloody use. Here you'll find a place for of all the things I've loved in 2019 - from my favourite moments to my favourite albums and then some, all stitched together with thoughts, TMI and a sprinkling of narcissim. 

Maybe I'll do it every year, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll one day actually use this platform for the portfolio website I intended it to be. Maybe.

I know all of this is painfully self indulgent, and I doubt anyone other than my parents and best mates will read even this paragraph but whoever you are reading this, thank you - even if you're just being a little bit nosey.